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What Should One’s Day Look Like……

An artist’s life, a writer’s life, what should it look like. What can a productive, good day be? I have been plagued by this for the longest time. As a designer, I ran a studio. I employed people and had a routine that I adhered to. I and my assistants were at work at 9.30 am sharp and left at 5.30pm. My studio was not on the major bus routes – Sarita Vihar was not well connected in the early 1990’s, I would drop the girls off at Ashram crossing and so, I too left then. During these hours one worked with efficiency and for the most part, emotional issues didn’t come up. Not enough to disable the day. I left the studio knowing that a day’s work had been done.

Thereafter, the evening was mine to do what I wanted that wasn’t work related and sometimes it was. Most significantly, the work one did was largely commissioned, or at best one had a client in mind. But now, a now that has been lingering since I shut the studio 21 years ago, there is nowhere to go, no staff to determine schedules…

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